Frequently Asked Questions for delivering materials to our warehouse for shredding. We also offer pickup service and onsite shredding services as well. See our home page for details on our full list of services.

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about our free document shredding service.

Yes, hard drives need to be separated from your documents and will be shredded at a later time.  The charge to shred hard drives is $10.00 each.
Yes, cd’s need to be in a separate box and will be shredded at a later time.  The charge to shred cd’s is $10.00 per box.
Yes, envelopes and manila folders are fine.
The longest average wait time is 10-15 minutes.
If you want to see everything that you have being shredded, limit your boxes to 5 or less.  You are welcome to drop off the rest or come back as many times as you’d like.
Yes, it is free during free shred times.
The documents are emptied onto a conveyor which transports them directly into the shredder so you can bring them in anything you want. It could be cardboard boxes, plastic containers, trash bags, etc. Our staff will give you back your container.
If you have 50 or more boxes, make an appointment for a Monday or Thursday and it will still be free.  That way everyone in line for free shredding has a chance to get the documents shredded.
Tuesday: 11AM-2PM
Wednesday: 11AM-2PM
Friday: 2PM-6PM
Saturday: 8AM-12 Noon.

No Free Shredding on Major Holiday Weekends

Certificates of Destruction are given upon request.
Our staff is happy and willing to help anyone unload their documents.
The documents are taken to a recycling facility where it is made into paper towels, tissue paper, and other recycled products.
You can set up an appointment and pay $50.00 to have your documents shredded. If you have more than 50 boxes, there is no charge.