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Security considerations for document destruction in Houston TX

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Vanish Document Shredding has years of experience in Shredding records. With our experience comes the knowledge of the correct equipment to destroy documents and products without losing time and Documents. Our employees are trained in handling and securing your records. This is exceedingly important with the growing rate of the information explosion and identity theft. All businesses and individuals should be Shredding their records. It is our recommendation that businesses shred everything. This will alleviate any confusion in what is considered confidential or not.

Today there are laws in place to protect your customers, employees, or patients. By using Vanish Document Shredding to destroy your records, you will be compliant with the destruction of your sensitive Documents. Here are some important Acts governing the handling of confidentials documentation that may apply to your business.


Increase security by using Vanish Document Shredding

  • Documents are destroyed at your location
  • Documents are secured in containers
  • Documents are handled by experienced uniformed trained security personnel
  • Documents are cross cut then recycled, which results in total destruction
  • One bin serviced saves one tree
  • Documents destroyed by Vanish Document Shredding will always meet the highest
    industry guidelines.
  • Documents destroyed are documented with a dated certificate of destruction
  • Documents handled by Vanish Document Shredding are covered by bonding and insurance

Save money by using Vanish Document Shredding

  • Eliminate paying a employee to shred records
  • Eliminate purchasing and maintain your own shredding equipment
  • Eliminate having to remove paperclips and staples so items will pass through the shredder
  • Eliminate messy clean up like dust and paper particles.
  • Eliminate the cost of disposing the records once shredded. One box of paper equals 5 large garbage bags!
  • Eliminate storage cost
  • Eliminate high service cost by using Vanish Document Shredding’s state of the art shredders

Vanish Document Shredding is a proud member of NAID (National Association of Information Destruction) and abides by the Code of Ethics.