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Ready to purge some of your x-ray films? We can help! Safe and secure destruction and recycling!

There are laws in place to protect patients and to ensure their health information is protected. When we purchase x-ray films we are not only picking up the films but also the paper sleeves and documents that are inside those sleeves with important private information on them.

We ensure that all material is sorted and shredded prior to recycling. You can rest assured that any paper documents, CD’s , medical reports as well as the sleeves are all shredded before they are recycled.

The x-rays are destroyed and recycled for the silver recovery. All other material is destroyed and then recycled.


Watch How It's Done

If you would like we will even pull and sort the material for you at your facility before it is removed.

Need your material scanned before they are destroyed and disposed of? We can help with that too!

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